High Quality Matt Paint

Classidur Tradition is specifically used for historic buildings, including churches. Classidur Tradition Classidur Tradition has the superior performance characteristics of the Classidur range, with the addition of having a very high resistance to the growth of mould. Classidur Tradition is also suitable for use in school buildings, basements and breweries, to name a few. In addition to the original flat matt white product, Promain offers the ability to tint Classidur Tradition to a number of pastel shades. Please contact us for more advice and assistance.

What Is Classidur Tradition

Classidur Tradition is one of only few coatings designed for application in damp and humid environments, such as the food industry, laundry rooms, industrial kitchens and abattoirs. With its protection of mould infestation and high resistance to swelling, it is also perfectly suited for application in breweries, bakeries, swimming pool enclosures, changing rooms, gyms, cellars and basements.

The Classidur Tradition has been formulated in such a way to combine all the technical properties of 2 or 3 high performance paints, offering a supreme flat, matt coating that will not crack or peel over time. This is due to the high quality micro porous and zero tension properties it possesses that allows the surface to breathe, which in turn allows water vapour to be released back into the air without the worry of shrinking or swelling to the substrate.

Best Uses of Classidur Tradition

Classidur Tradition is best used as a church paint or for painting stately homes and historic buildings. Surfaces should be dry and coherent substrate and free of mould. Classidur Tradition is an all in one primer, undercoat and finishing coat. It offers excellent water vapour permeability, making it suitable for use on a swimming pool.

Classidur Tradition is designed for use on a plaster, concrete and mortar, as well as surfaces stained with nicotine, dried water or soot. Once applied, traditional offers excellent blocking protection against all of these stains as well as containing biocides to resist the growth of mould. Classidur Traditional an be used internally in a number of different environments.


About Classidur

Classidur is a highly respected, trusted and long-standing business founded in Antwerp in 1887. In just over a century, Classidur has evolved into the company you see before you today, renowned for delivery high-quality products to industries in Europe, America and Asia.

Classidur is a prime example of a company that has strove to provide outstanding products and services to its customers over the years, developing their range of products to achieve their maximum potential.

When you buy Classidur paint, you can trust for it to serve you well for many years to come.

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