A water based, zero tension and non-film forming paint coating that offers ease of application directly to new plaster and plasterboard, as well as excellent water resistance for an easily cleaned surface. Classidur Odour Free Paint’s is an odour free substance that works excellently when applied to new plasterboard, with high opacity qualities and great resistance to abrasion and UV light.

What is Odour Free Paint

Classidur is a premium alkyd based, stain blocking primer that is virtually odourless. It is formulated with Plioway resins, which eliminates odour’s commonly found in alkyd, stain blocking primers and helps to speed up the primer’s drying time. Effective killer for most stains including water, fire and smoke damage, tannin, crayon, lipstick, graffiti, ballpoint pen and food stains. The Classidur Odour Free Paint is ideal for bare or previously painted surfaces. It can be used over plaster, existing latex or alkyd paints, drywall, paintable caulking, wood and varnished surfaces.

Benefits of Classidur Odour Free Paint Include:

    • Excellent Hiding Power: Fewer coats to obtain maximum coverage
    • Fast Dry Time: An estimated re-coat time of 2 hours allows for multiple coats in one day
    • Plioway Resin Formulation: Effectively blocks stains without any strong odour, providing minimal disruption to occupied areas.
    • Stain Blocking: Helps eliminate bleed through caused by difficult stains and dark colours.

As a leading brand specialist in Classidur paints we believe we should be your number one choice for all of your paint needs whether its floor paint, metal paint, spray paints, interior or exterior paints we have you covered.

We have many years’ experience in the paint industry we are committed to provide a level of professional service and commitment, priding ourselves on the knowledge and commitment of the materials and technologies available in the paint and surface coating industry. Offering a unique and professional service by helping companies and individuals find the correct paints, surface coatings and concrete repair materials for their needs.


About Classidur

Classidur is a highly respected, trusted and long-standing business founded in Antwerp in 1887. In just over a century, Classidur has evolved into the company you see before you today, renowned for delivery high-quality products to industries in Europe, America and Asia.

Classidur is a prime example of a company that has strove to provide outstanding products and services to its customers over the years, developing their range of products to achieve their maximum potential.

When you buy Classidur paint, you can trust for it to serve you well for many years to come.

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